I remember when Cloudberry Records featured Sharesprings' "I Love To See You (Daydreaming Me)" on their The Sound of Java Vol.3.

He never mentioned HeyHo! Records on the album credits.

I saw the physical 3" myself, and it's not written on there.

Well, I know it's not his fault. Maybe he never knew about how Tyo and I give so much efforts to make that single happened.

But what made me sad is Tyo is a huge fan of Cloudberry back then (You can see it from the layout of HeyHo! tumblr page that he made :D ). I knew he kinda disappointed a little bit. But not me, I feel mad. I am really mad and feel so sick about it, honestly.

'Tweepopstar' is an ignorance person that feel angry when he's being ignored.

Now all i can do is just swallow my own filthy puke. HeyHo's dead after all.